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Commodities and Weather

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Storm Disaster Resources

The federal crop insurance program is designed to provide robust and reliable farm safety net, regardless the size and scope of weather disasters. The Risk Management Agency (RMA) works closely with the Approved Insurance Providers (AIPs) who sell and service the policies that producers purchase, and this commitment to customer service provides efficient loss adjustment and claims payments, even in times of major disasters like Harvey. In anticipation of flooding due to Hurricane Harvey, the Risk Management Agency has taken several proactive steps to ensure the efficient and reliable delivery of the crop insurance program.

Resources for Producers
•  Producers with coverage through the RMA administered federal crop insurance program should contact their crop insurance agent for issues regarding filing claims. Those who purchased crop insurance will be paid for covered losses. Producers should report crop damage within 72 hours of damage discovery and follow up in writing within 15 days. The Approved Insurance Providers, loss adjusters and agents are experienced and well trained in handling these types of events.
•  As part of its commitment to delivering excellent customer service, RMA is working closely with AIPs that sell and service crop insurance policies to ensure enough loss adjusters will be available to process claims in the affected areas as quickly as possible.

Resources for Agents and Approved Insurance Providers
•  Loss Adjustment Standards Handbook Identifies loss adjustment standards and requirements for determining production or revenue and adjusting crop insurance claims in a uniform and timely manner.
•  RMA issued guidance to the AIPs that allows them to authorize producers to move cotton modules from fields at risk of flooding to higher ground on a case-by-case basis, without affecting the insurability of their crop.
•  MGR-17-011. End of Insurance Period Exception for Cotton Modules at Risk of Flood Damage Due to Impending Tropical Storm Harvey (Aug 24, 2017) This only includes cotton fields expected to be impacted by Hurricane Harvey. Insured producers and AIPs must document the authorization, current location, new location, and number of cotton modules moved from each field in a unit. Coverage for the impacted cotton modules may continue to be authorized until such cotton is removed from the new location, not to exceed the end of insurance date contained in the actuarial documents.
•  MGR-17-013. Emergency Procedures for Crops Damaged by Hurricane Harvey (Sep 1, 2017) Hurricane Harvey has caused catastrophic damage in many counties in Texas and Louisiana. The Risk Management Agency (RMA), in conjunction with Approved Insurance Providers (AIPs), recognize the need for authorizing emergency loss adjustment procedures that will streamline certain loss determinations on specific crops to accelerate the adjustment of losses and issuance of indemnity payments to crop insurance policyholders in impacted areas. RMA authorizes the use of these emergency procedures to apply to all Texas and Louisiana counties impacted by Hurricane Harvey.

USDA Resources

USDA is prepared to provide food, emergency housing, community, as well as farmer and rancher assistance to individuals and small businesses affected by severe storms and flooding. We continue to work with states affected by severe storms and flooding regarding requests for various assistance, waivers and flexibilities in administering federal nutrition assistance programs. More information: https://www.usda.gov/topics/disaster/storms

Price-Flex Supplemental Coverage - Sign Up Today!

  • Price-Flex® is a supplemental insurance policy that provides the potential for a higher revenue protection guarantee than the base coverage established on the underlying Revenue Protection (RP) or Area Risk Protection (ARPI) plan of insurance. Producers may add one or more alternative price discovery periods (intervals), of which the highest would be used to establish the revenue guarantee for loss purposes when applicable. A Price-Flex® policy may have a loss if the interval selected is higher than the Projected and Harvest Prices.

    To learn more about how a Price-Flex® policy can benefit your farming operation, contact your Hudson Crop authorized agent.



    This video neither constitutes nor contains any warranty or implied term of any kind, and shall not modify the terms of any insurance policy.   Any images, animations, dollar amounts or figures are for illustrative purposes only.  Price-Flex® is not available in all states and may not otherwise be offered by your Hudson Crop agent.  Hudson Insurance Group is an equal opportunity provider and employer.

    MPowerD - Our Newest Supplemental Product Offering

    We are excited to introduce our NEWEST supplemental revenue coverage product available through Hudson Crop.  MPowerD™ provides coverage to pay the insured a loss payment when the harvest margin is less than the MPowerD trigger, adjusted for any MP indemnity that we estimate may be due.  MPowerD allows the producer to elect one or more pricing intervals (full or half months), similar to Price-Flex™, in combination with the current market price and projected price for their commodity. Additionally, MPowerD provides flexible coverage by practice, allowing the ability to insure irrigated and non-irrigated crops using separate coverage levels, MPowerD trigger, harvest margin and loss payment for each insurable practice.

    MPowerD is currently available for corn and soybeans for the 2018 crop year, with a 9/30/17 SCD.  It is available in selected counties in the following states:






    North Dakota




    South Dakota



    An insured must have MPCI coverage in effect for the crop year at an additional coverage level. While it is not subsidized, the rates are affordable and the decision to buy must be made by September 30, 2017 for the 2018 crop year.

Updates and Reminders

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