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Our Team

Claims - The Hudson Crop Claims Team is dedicated to providing superior claims service to our customers when a loss has been reported. We are available to quickly and accurately address claim issues when the need arises because we utilize both full-time employee adjusters and contracted adjusters. Our well-trained adjusters are equipped with mobile work stations to upload and settle a claim from anywhere. This technology includes remote wireless internet access, tablet processing technology and on-site scanning and printing technology. When the adjuster has completed the claim paperwork, the information is sent to the processors for rapid payment.

Hudson Crop Claims Hotline -  (855) 550-6825

24-hour assistance on any claims related matter

Sales - The deep industry knowledge and vast experience of our talented team of professionals enables us to offer creative, highly personalized service tailored to meet your exact needs. We focus our attention and our resources on finding high-quality solutions that provide our producers options in choosing the best solution for the risks they face. This includes advanced sales and product training opportunities for our agents, development of innovative private supplemental products for our insureds, integrated technologies including mapping and quoting functionality, and rapid and accurate handling of concerns when issues arise. Our approach to our customers is simple. Doing business with Hudson Crop is comfortable, understandable, and easy. Our team is focused on providing you with the tools and information you need to help your clients make the best risk management decision for their farming operation.

Underwriting - Our processing team proudly offers a wide variety of skill sets and products to meet the needs of our agents and farmers.  Customer service is our top priority and we are always looking for innovative and business-friendly ways to help our agent force process their crop policies in an efficient and timely manner.  We understand that time is money - the ease of doing business is vitally important for the ultimate success in our competitive world.  Every day our processing team strives to assist our customers through the ever changing crop insurance program rules and guidelines to offer the best service in our industry.  

Training and Education - We utilize advanced product training opportunities with our customers including in-person and online seminars, online self-directed learning, and personalized one-one-one training.